How do I use the Reports?

Navigating to the reports

Please Note: The student data you see is based on your visibility from your Student Information System (SIS). For example, when looking at the same Pulse a principal will see his/her 1,000 students at a school and a teacher will see only the students rostered to him/her.
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Click the "Pulses" link at the top of the page.
Select a "Pulse" and click the (...) button and click "View latest results"
Move between reports by clicking the report type from the sub-navigation with the colored circles--which we sometimes call the "skittles nav."

Drilling down for detail

For the Summary, Questions, Participation, and Heatmap reports, a single click anywhere on a row of data will update to show you more details for the item.

Use the breadcrumbs at the top to return to the prior page. ("Summary" in the example below).

Use the filters in the upper right hand corner to see comparisons:

Filtering results

Please Note: The number and types of filters you see is based on 1) what groups and demographics you have set up in your SIS and 2) your role. For example, district admins will see "Schools" in their options, whereas teachers won't (since teachers are often only rostered at one school).

The filter bar at the top of the page allows you to filter your results. 

Each different filter uses an AND operation so adding more filters reduces your result set (e.g. selecting Grades: 5th and Gender: Female displays results for females in 5th grade). When you add values for the same filter (e.g. Gender: Female, Male) an OR operation is used.

Getting help

Use the Help icon on the reports to display information about the items displayed in the report. You can also hover certain elements for explanations and definitions.

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