Step 2: Importing SIS Data from Clever

For reporting by school, teacher, grade level, and other significant sub-groups (like Race/Ethnicity, Programs, Gender, etc.) and to know who's who, we import your enrollment, rostering, and demographic data from your Student Information System (SIS) via a third party called Clever. This is so much faster and easier than trying to import these data via files, and is done at no extra charge. This also means that you can get up-and-running with Kelvin within minutes vs. weeks like with other applications.

Please Note:  Please send us an email at if your district is NOT using Clever. We will put you in touch with a Clever representative to get your data imported (there is no additional fee for this).

If you're using Clever, we will request access to your schools' data. You will get an email that looks something like the one below. Alternatively, the district/org can initiate the integration. Usually, there is somebody on the IT/tech team who manages Clever, and that person will need to grant to access to the district/org's data. Please put us in touch with that person by sending us a help ticket (or by sending an email to 

Please be sure to share email addresses in the settings when you set up a share with Kelvin. 

Please Note:  If initiating the Clever integration, please only approve access for the schools that will be using Kelvin. 

Voila, Kelvin's import tools will now "pull" the appropriate data from Clever into Kelvin. We will use these data to limit users' visibility of student data (by their rostering for FERPA), and you'll be able to report by all the sub-groups available in Clever (e.g. gender, race/ethnicity, certain programs, etc.). 

Also, please note some fields are considered "sensitive data"--like SED status of free and reduced lunch program participation. You will need to take additional steps if you want to filter Kelvin's reports by these additional fields. Instructions for this can be found here.

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