Managing Your Pulse Schedule

For each survey, or Pulse, you create can be configured to repeat throughout the year. This is to make it easier for you to manage Pulses, because you can "set and forget" a schedule ahead of time.

Some example use cases:

  • You have a student Pulse that begins at the start of the school year and you want to repeat every month.
  • You have a parent Pulse that starts at the beginning of the school year that only repeats twice (once in the Fall and again in the Spring).

In both cases, you can set the schedule ahead of time and Kelvin will do the rest of the work by sending out the Pulses (either by Chrome extension, SMS, or email) based on the configuration. This article explains how to do this. 

Please Note: You will need administrator access to the Pulse to make any changes.

First, you'll need to navigate to our " Schedule" page. You can access this page one of two ways:

  1. From the "Pulses" list page > Click the (...) > And select "View schedule" 
  2. From the "Latest Activity" page > Click the "View schedule" link

Now that you're on the " Schedule" page, you can manage your Pulse windows (i.e. the dates we'll collect responses)

1. Select a "Start" date (i.e. when do you want to start collecting responses)

2. Specify how long you'd like the window to be open for (we recommend a week to give everybody ample time to respond)

3. Select whether or not this Pulse repeats. If you select "Do not repeat" we will only give the Pulse for the dates you specified. If you select a recurrence of some kind (E.g. every 2 weeks in the example below), we will create a schedule based on your selections.

Once you hit "Save" we'll create a schedule based on your selections. It will look something like this.

You'll see that this Pulse repeats five times. We list the Pulse windows with the dates and the calendar provides a nice visual reference for your schedule. You'll notice that the colored "dots" next to each Pulse window is shown on the calendar for the appropriate dates. In the example image above, Pulse #2 (the 2nd window) is indicated by the magenta dot and shown on the calendar at the top for Nov 11 - Nov 24 (the window's dates). 

Now you can:

  • Add a window in addition to the recurring schedule you already specified (select "Add a window" at the bottom).
  • Remove a single window by clicking the (...) and selecting "Delete window" 
  • Modify the questions that Kelvin will ask for that particular Pulse window by selecting the (...) and choosing "Edit questions" 

You can also "reset" your schedule by selecting "Reschedule all Pulse windows". This essentially starts you over and will override your current schedule and modifications. Don't worry, you can un-do your changes if you did this by accident by clicking "Undo" at the top.

And that's it! You can come back to the Schedule page to view or manage your windows. We will also send you a reminder email the week before a Pulse window, so you have a chance to review everything ahead of time. 

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