Step 1: Installing the Kelvin Chrome Extension

Installing the Kelvin Chrome Extension

One of the ways we collect feedback from your students is via a Chrome extension. This is nice because it avoids forcing students to log in to a portal, which can waste time in the classroom with forgotten usernames and passwords. Instead, students access our Pulses when logged in to Chrome browser with their school Google credentials. 

Please Note: You will need to ensure our URL is not blocked. You will not be able to collect Pulse responses from students in the Chrome browser until this setup has been completed.

If you have any trouble at all, please contact us and we'll get everything sorted with you.

  • What you need: Google Admin Console access & Google Chrome Browser
  • Estimated Time: 5 mins.

Here are the steps


Sign in to the G+ Suite Admin Console with your school email and password


Find "Chrome management" in the "hamburger" menu (that's the white 3 stacked lines in the top-left corner)


Click  "Apps & extensions" and then select "Users & browsers" (If G+ Suite shows “organizations” in a left sidebar, be sure to select the top-level organization)


Hover over the add app/extension "+" button


Click the "Add Chrome app or extension by ID" button, which is the second button from the top.


Paste the Extension ID into the  "Extension ID" field.

Extension ID: obcailimoifbmhjniopljefnegfeodif


Select "From a custom URL" in the "From the Chrome Web Store" dropdown


Paste the URL into the "URL" field.



Click "Save" in the popup (modal) 


Open the  "Allow install" dropdown 


Select "Force Install" from the dropdown


Click "Save" in the top bar

This will cause the Kelvin extension to be automatically installed when each user’s Google Chrome checks for G+ Suite-managed enterprise policies. Please note: You can manually have Chrome check for updated policies by going opening the 

Chrome Policies from your Chrome browser, click “Reload policies”, and then look for the Kelvin “K” to appear in the Google Chrome toolbar to the right of the address bar.  And...

We highly recommend you pin the Kelvin Chrome extension to ensure that students and staff will see the "K" in the upper-right-hand corner of their screen. As the Google admin you can simply use the  Force install + pin option when adding the extension.

One more thing! An optional piece is to update your Homepage settings to Force user to sign-in to use the browser. This way, even if users open up a new tab in Chrome, the Kelvin Chrome extension will still show up. 

The following settings are encouraged and will ensure staff/students are logged into their district account as a profile so they get the extension when using Google Chrome

Woot! You did it. 👍

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