How to remove/opt-out students from Pulses (surveys)

You can remove/opt-out students if you're unable to obtain permission to send surveys from their parents/guardians. You can always add them back in the future, if needed.

Please Note: You will need to be a system administrator to opt-out/opt-in students.

If you have any trouble at all, please contact us and we'll get everything sorted with you.

  • What you need: Sys Admin level access
  • Estimated Time: 5 mins.

Here are the steps

Sign in to Kelvin
Select the "Students" card from your Launchpad. This will bring up a list of all students.

Select the student(s) you'd like to "opt-out" or remove from receiving surveys.

Select the (...) menu and choose " Opt-out from Pulses"

To "opt-in" a student that was previously opted-out (removed). Select " Students" again from the Launchpad.
Select the student from the list. 
Select the (...) menu and select "Opt-in to Pulses"

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