How does Kelvin import family contact data?

We connect directly to the district/school Student Information System (SIS) via a secure, third-party service called Clever. This service allows us to keep the enrollment, rostering, demographic, sub-group, users, contacts, etc. synced between Kelvin and your SIS on a nightly basis.

We send Pulses to the emails and/or phone numbers for the primary contact(s) associated to the student in Clever.

However, we've found contact data can be messy. If a student's family is missing in Kelvin, you'll want to check the following for that student's contact data in the Clever Data Browser. More info about using Clever's data browser can be found here.

  • Ensure the student's contact is type=primary. Sometimes all of the students' contacts Clever are marked as "secondary" or "other" in which case they won't be imported. This is to avoid sending check-ins to contacts like neighbors or aunts and uncles, etc. For example: The contact below is the student's parent (relationship=parent); however, he/she is marked as "type=other" in Clever. This contact would not be imported into Kelvin and would need to be changed in Clever.
  • Ensure that the contact has a phone number and/or an email address. There are cases where a student does have a contact, but that contact doesn't have a phone number and email address. The example below shows a contact that is "type=primary" but is missing a phone number. If the contact were also missing an email address they wouldn't be imported into Kelvin.
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