How do I control who sees Pulse survey results?

Sometimes certain Pulse surveys will have sensitive data that should only be accessible by certain users (like School Counselors, Social Workers, etc.). You are always in control of who sees the results for the surveys you create. 

To change who has access to the results on the "Info" tab of the Pulse's settings page. 

You can add/remove groups of users from the "Who do you want to send results to?" input (shown below). Keep in mind, you can always create new groups of users to fine-tune access. The count are the number of users that belong to that group. E.g. 18 users belong to "District Admins" in the example below.

There are a couple of ways to access the page.

From the Launchpad

  1. Select "Pulses" from the top navigation, which will bring up a list of your surveys.

  2. Select the "..." menu and choose "Edit Settings"

From inside a Pulse

  1. Select "Latest Activity" from the sub-navigation.

  2. Select "Edit Settings"

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