Troubleshooting missing family contacts

You can choose to send Pulse surveys to students' families by either a) email or b) text. Each family is sent a unique URL/link for their survey. In order to deliver the survey links, Kelvin needs to have a valid phone number and/or email address for each primary contact. (We only send links to contacts designated as "primary" to avoid sending surveys to neighbors, etc. who might be included in the students' contacts). Typically, we import these contacts directly from your Student Information System (SIS) on a nightly basis.

If you see a red warning on the Schedule page that looks like the example below, this means Kelvin is missing the required information to send the links -- either the email address and/or phone numbers. You'll need to work with your SIS team to ensure the correct fields are populating in your SIS for your students' contacts. 

Your team will want to check the following in your Student Information System (SIS):

  1. The appropriate contacts "type" = "primary" for "Student Contact(s)" 
  2. The contact has a valid phone number (needed for sending by SMS text message)
  3. The contact has a valid email (needed for sending by email)

The changes will update in Kelvin after the next nightly import.

If you're unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to our Help Desk. We can discuss options to help you populate the correct fields. You can contact us at

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