Step 4: Adding System, District, and Site Administrators to Kelvin

  1. Please complete this spreadsheet with information about who you want as System, District, and Site Administrators for your Kelvin Account. 
  2. Once your spreadsheet is complete, please email it to:
  3. Below is more information about the three different roles. 

System Admins -- They have the highest level of access and can change user roles and permissions. This should only be a small handful of people at district
District Admins -- They can see district-wide data but can't change user roles, permissions, etc. This role is most appropriate for Directors, Superintendents, Asst. Sups, etc.
School Admins -- They will be able to see school-wide data for their site(s). This role is most appropriate for Principals, Asst. Principals, Counselors, etc. Please note, users can be affiliated to multiple sites in the event they're a Counselor, etc. for multiple schools.
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