Checking Your Imported Data in Pulse

Once your organization's data has been imported into Pulse, it is a good idea to see if the data is consistent with what is in your SIS. 

Please Note: You will need to be a system administrator to run the Organization Summary report

Here are the steps

  1. In Pulse, click on your avatar (the circle at the top right of the page), and then click settings from the drop-down selections. 
  2. Within the system settings menu, click on the Organization Summary link 

  3. Review the data in the report to see if it is consistent with your SIS. Are student and staff counts accurate? 

    If you need to drill deeper into your organizational data, you can also use the "Browse Data" report in your settings menu. 

  4. Select the report you would like to run from the drop-down options. 

  5. You can also search through your data by typing into the column headers. 

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