Settings for Kelvin Chrome Extension

After installing the Kelvin Chrome extension, here are some suggestions for Google Admin settings people should set:

    1. Set a homepage and new tab page URL. We cannot load the popup on the built-in chrome:// new tab page, so if districts set a default homepage we can make sure the popup/boogie can load. ( is a good default, or they can use the Clever launchpad, Classlink launchpad, or their own website works too)
    2. The following settings are encouraged and will ensure staff/students are logged into their district account as a profile so they get the extension when using Google Chrome
  • Note for System Administrators: We highly recommend you pin the Kelvin Chrome extension to ensure that students and staff will see the "K" in the upper-right-hand corner of their screen. As the Google admin you can simply use the Force install + pin option when adding the extension.

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