How to Connect to Kelvin SFTP Site To Import Data

SFTP Username and Password from Kelvin

You will need the username and password provided by Kelvin to sign in. If you are not sure what it is, email us at

Use a free Third Party app like Cyberduck, Filezilla or WinSCP to log into the sftp site.

Here is an example of how it would look to log in to Cyberduck:

1. Select Open Connection

2. Enter SFTP Credentials

  1. Using the drop-down, please select your connection protocol as SFTP.
  2. Kelvin's SFTP server is located at the address:
  3. The default will be Port 22 when you choose SFTP in the first step. You will need to update it to make sure it says 2022.
  4. Enter your username (all lower case).
  5. Enter your password. NOTE: This password is case-sensitive so make sure to enter the password exactly as provided.
  6. Select Connect.

3. Upload your files.

After you upload all the required CSV files let us know at so we can review and give you feedback if there are any issues with the files.

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