Creating Family Pulses

You will need to have Pulse Creation Permissions to access the features in this article. 

Creating a family pulse follows the same basic steps as a student pulse, with a few variations. 

Selecting a Pulse Type

Keep in mind the "Create a Pulse" card on the launchpad defaults to creating a student pulse. For all pulse options (e.g. student, family, and staff) click on the Pulses link in the top navigation.

From the pulse list page click on the green +New Pulse button and select the type of pulse you would like to create from the drop-down list.

Creating a Family Pulse

If you selected Family pulse from the drop-down list you will see the same basic three steps required for all pulse types.

Step 1: Info

Step 2: Questions

Selecting questions from the question bank

Once you have added a question from the question bank, you can click on it to edit the question, and select from several options.

Custom Questions

The options for custom questions are the same as questions pulled from the question bank, except the question stem is not auto-generated. You will need to create your own question, determine the type, and response options. The example below is a custom "checkbox" question. Respondents can select multiple responses. Keep in mind custom questions are categorized as "Undefined" until you select or create a new dimension in which to categorize them.

Be sure to select the green "next" button after you have added all of your questions to save your additions, and move on to step 3!

Step 3: Schedule

In order to deliver survey links for a family pulse, Kelvin needs to have a valid phone number and/or email address for each primary contact. (We only send links to contacts designated as "primary" to avoid sending surveys to neighbors, etc. who might be included in the students' contacts). You will see a red warning banner like the one pictured below if you are missing phone numbers and emails for family members selected to participate. 

To begin setting your schedule, you can click into the date in the "Starts" field, and select your preferred start date. We recommend keeping your pulse open at least 7 days to allow adequate time for participants to respond, however you can adjust the window to your preferences. You can also set the pulse to repeat from the drop-down menu.

After you have selected all of your schedule settings select "Create Schedule." If you have set the pulse to repeat you will be able to edit or delete any dates from this point. Be sure to select "Finish set up" to create your pulse, and save all of your settings!

Monitoring Participation

While a pulse is live you can see the count and percentage of participants that have responded by looking at the card on your launchpad. Click on the live pulse to monitor participation using the participation report. 

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