Kelvin Keys (Getting to Know our Vocabulary)

In case you were wondering about some unique "kelvinisms" or kelvin vocabulary, here is a list of each and what they mean.

Pulse:  The name we use to describe the survey for students, staff and families.  We like to think of them as taking a "pulse" on how things are going at your school.

Dimension(s):  The name we use to describe the category, theme or focus for a set of questions.  

Launchpad:  The landing page where you can see Pulses, create new Pulses, see requests and more!

Favorability:  The name we use to describe if a question response is considered a positive one.

Card(s):  The name we have given to each "card' or Pulse that has been setup and is located on your Launchpad.

Boogie (also called Poppy):  The name of our Google Chrome Icon who just happens to be an awesome dog!

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