Participation by School

When a pulse is "live" you can monitor participation by clicking on the pulse from your launchpad which will bring you to the participation report. In this report you can display participants by response status: "all," "responded," or "no response." You can also use the Filters button to narrow down your list by school, grade, classes, or a custom group. 

However, from a district level, there may be times when you want to quickly view participation across all schools so that you can see where participation may be lagging and provide encouragement. System administrators can access the Participation by School report in a couple of easy steps. 

  1. From the participation report click on the (...) at the top right corner of the report
  2. Click on "Participation by School" in the drop-down menu

You will now see a report of all schools included in the pulse displaying the total number of participants per school, the number that have responded, and the participation rate (%) ranked by highest participation to lowest.  

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