How do I see how Many Students Have Responded (Participation)?

In Pulse surveys we are not trying to generalize from a relatively small sample to a much larger population like we often are in customer or political research. With Pulses we are mostly talking about participation rates well above 50% (which is about the rate achieved in US elections) and generally in the 65-85% range. These are rates that political scientists and market researchers can only dream of.

There are two places to see how many students (or parents or staff members) have responded to your Pulse: Latest Activity and Participation Report.

NOTE: Participation is the percent of the students who have responded out of the total number of students who have been selected to receive the Pulse. For example, if you've selected your Pulse to be sent to 1,000 students and 500 of them respond, your participation will be 50%. 

Latest Activity

For any OPEN Pulse (i.e. Pulses that are currently collecting results), from the Launchpad navigate to Pulses and click on the name of the Pulse you would like to see participation for, which will bring you to the Latest Activity Page. Scroll down halfway and you will see the participation listed there (along with how many questions you are asking and the ability to change dates and select new questions). NOTE: If you do not see the Participation listed here, it means there is no open window.

Participation Report

LIVE (Open Pulse)

  1. Select the Card of the Open Pulse which will take you to the Participation Report.

There are three options to filter the Participation Report.

  1. Status allows you to filter by: All, Responded and Not Response.
  2. Filters allows you to filter by the type of Demographics you are bringing into Kelvin for the survey type.
  3. The three dots allows you to see the data for a Pulse Student Survey by teacher or by school.

CLOSED (Closed Pulse/Previously) Pulse

For any Pulse that was previously administered, please select the Pulse from either the Launchpad or Pulses tab (screenshot #2 above). From there, select Participation from the options shown below. This will show you the participation rate for that administration. You can also filter between participants who have/have not responded along with the normal filters you have available in the top-right corner of every report. You can also see the Participation for any previous administrations by clicking the "change" link just below "Participation" at the top of the page. 

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