Viewing and Using the Summary Report

When clicking on a Pulse in which you would like to see data, you are directly taken to the Summary Report. This report will Summarize your Pulse data, including data from previous Pulses. Keep in mind that users will only see data according to their roles and permissions (e.g. District users will see data across all schools, Principals will see data for only their school, and teachers will only see data for students rostered to them).

Immediately, you will see the title of the report, the title of the Pulse and some participation details.

  • Details - Information on the Pulse Administration.
  • Favorable - Percent Favorable responses for all questions. This is calculated by counting all favorable answer choices and dividing by the total number of answer choices in the Pulse. Example30 favorable answer choices / 40 answer choices = 75% favorable
  • Participation - Percent of students, staff or parents that completed the Pulse.
  • Comments - Number of comments.
  • Questions - Number of questions on the Pulse.


Below the Details information is the Trend. This graph will show you how the students' overall perceptions have changed from one administration to another. You will see the percent favorable and the administration dates.


Lastly, you will notice the Dimensions or groups of questions. The percent favorable responses for questions aligned to a Dimension are calculated by counting all favorable answer choices for the aligned question(s) and dividing by the total number of answers choices assessing that dimension. 

The Comparison is the percent of favorability change from the last Pulse.

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