Results Presentation Guide: Summary

It is important to give context when talking about your Pulse scores. You can talk about what SEL and climate refers to as a concept as well as how you have measured it. The presentation should include your Pulse questions on the slide. 

Comparisons to any benchmarks or previous surveys should be included. Keep in mind that the focus here will be on comparing climate and SEL at the dimension level, not the question level.

If your organization contains multiple schools, we've seen some customers list the scores of their respective schools or departments here.

Dimensions are also worth highlighting. You can talk about the high level themes of your results this way. If the factors align to factors from our Benchmarks or even a past survey then you can look at percentage differences over time for any standout areas.

After briefly looking at any important factors, it is time to start narrowing the focus down to specific questions. You can do that by looking at your strengths and opportunities.

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