How to create an Aeries to Kelvin Data Sharing Connection

In order to give us API access to Aeries please follow these instructions.

Navigate to Security->API Security->Add New Record

  1. Enter Kelvin in Product Name Field.
  2. Enter Comments as appropriate.
  3. Select Insert

NOTE: Leave Type blank.

  1. Select Display Certificate Details
  2. Select the following Aeries security areas in the Read column that we need access to for Pulse:
    1. Student Data
    2. Contacts
    3. Class Schedules/History
    4. Teacher Data
    5. Staff Data
    6. Master Schedule
    7. Course Data
    8. Optional: Student Programs (Sped, GATE, FRL, etc)

After the above is complete you should be able to view the Aeries API Certificate. Your team will need to email via a secure/encrypted method the following items to your Customer Success Manager (CSM):

    1. The API URL or "base URL"
    2. The Aeries API Certificate

NOTE: Aeries should display both of the above in their API config screen.


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