How to create an Aeries to Kelvin Data Sharing Connection

In order to give us API access to Aeries please follow these instructions.

  1. When adding the Kelvin "product" into Aeries, it's important to uncheck the "OneRoster" checkbox. We use the proprietary Aeries API and not OneRoster. 

  2. Here are the Aeries security areas that we need access to for Pulse:
    1. Student Data
    2. Course Data
    3. Class Schedules/History
    4. Master Schedule
    5. Contacts
    6. Staff Data
    7. Teacher Data
    8. Optional: Student Programs (Sped, GATE, FRL, etc)
  3. After the above is complete you should be able to view the Aeries API Certificate. Your team will need to email us at with these two things:
    1. The API URL or "base URL"
    2. The Aeries API Certificate
  4. Aeries should display both of the above in their API config screen. Examples: 

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