Managing User Permissions

System administrators have access to edit users' permissions in Kelvin. For example, system administrators may want to limit which users can view students' timelines, and receive notifications for student requests. (For more information about student requests see: What is a student request?) User permissions can be updated in a few simple steps. 

Step 1

From your launchpad at click on the avatar at the top right corner, and click the settings link from the drop down menu.

Step 2

In your system settings page click on the permissions link.

Step 3

Now you can set permissions for users to view student timelines and receive notifications of requests to speak to an adult, create pulses, or limit a users' access so that they will be unable to see student identifiable information.

Click into the blank cell to select from available users or custom groups that should be given permissions, or click on the 'x' next to a user group to remove their permissions. Some organizations create custom user groups such as "request responders" to limit the permission to view student timeline and requests to a specific group. (See our article, Creating User and Student Groups for more information)

Lastly, click save to update your permission settings, and you are done!

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