Pulse Administration Best Practices

Many of our customers have asked if we have any best practices we can share about creating and managing pulses. While this article is not exhaustive, we have compiled some tips below.

The most active pulse customers may find themselves overwhelmed with the number of pulses appearing in their pulse list and dashboard. Our updated pulse list feature makes cleaning up a breeze! 

  • Tip: At the start of a new school year declutter your pulse list by selecting the "archive" function for any pulses you don't plan on repeating. You can always search for any archived pulses by selecting "archived" in the status bar. Learn more about the updated pulse list page features here.

  • Tip: Add a new pulse window rather than recreating a previously administered pulse. One example is a district pulse that has been scheduled regularly throughout an academic year for which the district would like to see longitudinal data across multiple academic years. Rather than creating a new pulse with the same questions, you can simply add a new pulse window or windows to continue into the next year. Read more about managing your pulse schedule.
  • Tip: At the beginning of the school year we recommend that system administrators review and update their admin users lists, especially for those users that may be manually managed (e.g. system admins, district admins, and site admins such as principals, counselors, etc). You can find more information here about managing users
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