How to Select Pulse Participants

Depending on your access permissions, you may be able to edit the participants in a pulse using the following filters that are pulled from your student information system (SIS): school, grades, classes, or groups.

Please Note: System administrators have the highest level of access.

When you are creating your pulse, you will have the option to customize your participant selections. In the student pulse example below, click "select students" to make participant selections from the slide out menu.

Selecting All Students Rostered to You

If you would like all students that are rostered to you to participate in a pulse, you can simply leave all the field selections blank then click save. Once you click save you will see "All Students" populated in the "Who do you want to ask?" field.

Selecting a Custom Group of Participants

There are times that you may wish to send a pulse to only a small or custom group of participants. You may see this option if you have shared special programs or groups with Kelvin from your SIS, or if you have manually created a custom group. In the following student pulse example, the pulse would be sent out to any student rostered to me within the custom group of "Graduation At-risk." I could filter even further by selecting grade, or at a specific school (depending on my permissions). E.g. If I am a district administrator with access to several schools, I can limit to 12th grade at all schools. Only students in 12th grade at all schools within the district that are also within the Graduation At-risk group would be included in the pulse. You can learn more about creating custom groups in our help article.

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